What is $OB, holders benefits and how can it be used in OnlyBlast👇

It's a governance token planned for launch on the BLAST mainnet in Q1. $OB will be created to reward all early contributors in the BLAST ecosystem. Each "POC" NFT holder is eligible for claiming $OB rewards. For all information regarding eligibility for minting the "POC" NFT and its value, please refer to the link below:

Total supply: 100,000,000

Token utility👇

  • Governance

  • Stake $OB and get additional rewards in project currency

  • Obtain WLs to other Blast L2 projects

  • $OB will play very important role in genesis NFT collection (more info coming soon)

  • Get zero fees with $OB in upcoming "Only Blast" projects (more info coming soon)

The earlier you have used bridge, the higher tier 'POC' collection you get. Higher tier = more $OB airdrop for you

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