🎁How to get airdrop

We have allocated 60% of the total supply of $OB to community rewards.

Of this amount, 60% is allocated to "POC" NFT collection holders, while the remaining amount is designated for the "OnlyBlast" genesis NFT collection and future Staking Pool.

The only one criteria to get $OB airdrop is:

Bridge any currency in Blast L2 using official Blast bridge before February 1st 2024 - 121,238 unique addresses have made over 1.35b $TVL

Blast mainnet launch on 21st February

Steps for claiming $OBπŸ‘‡

  1. Visit our website to check which NFT tier you are eligible for.

  2. In late February visit our website and Claim your NFT.

  3. In early March, claim your $OB reward.

Congratulations, you have claimed $OB and left mark on Blast Blockchain as early contributorπŸŽ‰

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