Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible for the "POC" NFT mint?

  • Everyone who has completed at least one bridge transaction to the Blast blockchain using the official Blast L2 bridge before February 1st.

On what blockchain is the Onlyblast token and NFT launching?"

  • On Blast blockchain.

How can I mint my POC NFT?

  • Follow the steps on the Only Blast page once the minting session opens.

Who is eligible for $OB airdrop?

  • Every "POC" NFT holder.

When will the mint take place?

  • Minting will start as soon as possible after the launch of the main network. You will have 24 hours to mint your proof of contribution NFT before the event ends.

Where can I see my "POC" NFT after mint?

  • After minting your "POC", you'll notice a placeholder on any NFT marketplace that supports Blast L2 or within your wallet.

When is Blast main net release date?

  • On 21st February 2024.

Where can I read new OnlyBlast updates?

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