🚀"POC" NFT collection

POC is abbreviation "Proof of contributoin"

"POC" is the name of our upcoming NFT collection for all eligible wallets that have used the official Blast L2 bridge. If you have completed at least one bridge transaction before February 1st, you can claim a POC NFT on our website. The tier of the NFT depends on how early you utilized the Blast bridge.

Information 📑

  • Supply: 121,238 (eligible wallets)

  • Mint price: Free

  • Rarity: 6 tiers of NFT

  • Date: Late February

  • Mint place: Our official website

  • Feature: All gas fees will be recovered in the same transaction using the Blast L2 technology.

Tiers of NFT 🍯

  • Mythic - 1%

  • Legendary - 5%

  • Epic - 9%

  • Rare - 15%

  • Uncommon - 20%

  • Common - 50%

The earlier you have used bridge, the higher tier 'POC' collection you get. Higher tier = more $OB airdrop for you

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